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We consider our docents or museum hosts and volunteers to be the heart and soul of the Northwest Vintage Car and Motorcycle Museum. Our docents are the educators for the Museum and they are the face of the NWVCMM to our visitors. We conduct tours and help host special events for organized groups, school classes and individuals to teach them about the fascinating history of early automobiles and motorcycles. Serving as a docent can be very rewarding. We enjoy contact with many interesting people from all over the world as well as the chance to make new friends and attend special events.

Persons interested in serving as Docents are welcomed to apply.  Orientation sessions will be available to provide more detailed information.  It is an opportunity to join other volunteers in assisting and learning more about the Museum and its Educational Mission.

Sign-up for a slot on the Docent Schedule: call Doug Nelson at 503-399-8889.

Cars of the NWVCMM are generally classified as:

The classics, which are often thought of as the earliest cars, those which began by looking more like horse-drawn buggies with an engine. These often are some of the most valuable to collect.  Included here are the rare, high dollar cars of the 1920’s through the 1940’s.

The restored cars of all eras. The goal of these collectors is to return a 20 to 100 year-old vehicle back to what it would have looked like fresh out the factory. These cars are usually transported to a car show on a trailer and never driven on the roadways.

The rods are cars from the earlier 1930’s through the 1960’s which have been transformed by their owners and restorers with modern mechanical devices replacing the original parts with highly modified bodies and bright colors.

The everyday collector is probably the largest group of all. They buy and love an older model vehicle and enjoy the thrill of driving them on tours and to car shows.

Then comes the high school car group, these like many above who began that in their youth, own a car, drive it regularly and love improving it and showing it off.

Our goal is to have at least two docents per shift.  Where only one person is listed on the schedule, there is still an opportunity. Also, on event weekends such as Steam-Up  (July 29-30 and August 5-6) and the Truck Show (August 25-26), we will need more than two people per shift. Docents have signed up for shifts throughout the summer, but there are still a number of opportunities left if you are an experienced docent who hasn’t made a commitment yet or if you if you are a museum member who would like to become a docent. It is easy and fun if you like people and old machines. Check your calendar and this chart to see if there are any fits for you in the coming months. Then you can call Doug Nelson at 503-399-8889 to be added to the schedule. There is also a master schedule in the museum that you can just sign. Many hands make light work.

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